2023 U18 Female Atlantic Hockey Championship - Day 2 Recap


March 31, 2023

Despite a snowy start to the morning, the Atlantic teams were ready to hit the ice for Day 2 of the 2023 U18 Female Atlantic Hockey Championship.  We once again congratulate the following players on their Player of the Game awards:

Game #4 Western Flames (1) vs Northern Subway Selects (5)

Western Flames POG: #10 Maddy Budrow

Subway Selects POG: #6 Kendall Doiron

Game #5 Cape Breton Lynx (4) vs Tri Pen Ice (0)

Cape Breton Lynx POG: #8 Erin Lawless

Tri Pen Ice POG: #75 Bethany Pitcher

Game #6 Eastern Stars (2) vs Western Flames (0)

Eastern Stars POG: #16 Renee Chapman

Western Flames POG: #14 Isabelle Michaud

Game #7 Northern Subway Selects (5) vs Cape Breton Lynx (1)

Subway Selects POG: #18 Laci Boyd

Cape Breton Lynx POG: #20 Maira Pino

The final day of round robin play resumes tomorrow at 9 am.  Best wishes to all teams!

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